Crossfit wodify login

How do I log into Wodify?

To sign in to a Wodify gym that is not your home affiliate: Go to the Coachboard. Click the ‘DROP-IN?’ link on the left sidebar. In the ‘I have a Wodify Account’ section, enter your Wodify username and password. Click ‘ Sign In’ The Drop In athlete will display on the Coachboard.

What is Wodify?

Forget the days of whiteboard workouts, CrossFitters. It’s called Wodify , and here’s how it works: Gym owners can purchase the software that helps them manage their members, along with a digital kiosk and display screen that replaces the gym’s traditional whiteboard.

How do I merge Wodify accounts?

Simply ask your new gym owner to add you to their gym and provide them with the email that you used at your previous gym. Once you are an athlete at your new gym you will receive a Welcome email that will prompt you to confirm your email address and walk you through the account merging process.

What is Wodify rise?

Wodify Rise is an all-in-one platform for creating digital lifestyle challenges. The Wodify Rise app helps members complete daily tasks and track their progress.

What does Wodify cost?

$79.00 per month

How do you make a Wodify account?

More videos on YouTube Sign in to Wodify Admin and go to Classes > Memberships. Click + New Plan in the top right corner of ‘Plans’ section. Enter your Plan Details: Select the program access for the membership. Create your Payment Plans. Click ‘Next’ to enter Pricing Options. Click ‘Save’ to return to the Plan Template.

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How do I cancel my Wodify account?

Please contact your gym directly for assistance with changing or canceling your membership .

How do I reserve a class on Wodify?

Wodify Athlete App Login to Wodify Athlete from a mobile device. Select the Classes Tab at the bottom of the app. Scroll through the list of classes and select a class . Click on the Reserve button to make a reservation for the class that you would like to attend.

Can you have two Wodify accounts?

Multiple accounts within the same gym cannot be merged. Merging accounts that do not belong to you will cause your personal information and performance history to become inaccurate.

How do you change your gym on Wodify?

Log in to app. wodify .com. Click the icon (top right corner) Wodify Athlete App: Tap My Profile (bottom right corner) Select ‘Edit Settings’ at the top of the screen. Switch Gym > Select Gym to Switch.

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