Bob harper crossfit dvd

Does Bob Harper still do CrossFit?

So if you’re feeling burned out or you just aren’t having fun with fitness anymore, Harper suggests taking your workout back to the basics. “I’m rediscovering working out, and it’s been really fun,” he says. While he still practices CrossFit , you can find him mixing it up with SoulCycle and hot yoga.

Who is Bob Harper married to?

Anton Gutierrez

Was Bob Harper a trainer for Oprah?

“The person who inspires me is — and I know it’s gonna be a cliché — but Oprah ,” Biggest Loser host and trainer Bob Harper tells PEOPLE. “Her speech [at the Golden Globes] was out of this world,” he added. But Oprah Winfrey has her own small group of confidants to rely on.

What is Bob Harper worth?

$4 million dollars

Is Bob Harper heart attack?

“I went into full cardiac arrest. I had a heart attack .” While Harper doesn’t recall very much from that day, he was told that a doctor who happened to be in the gym was able to act quickly and perform CPR on him.

What is Bob Harper’s diet now?

The difference is, he did it from the inside out, and for Harper , it was a matter of life and death. He’s living plant-based, eating a whole-foods diet , and he’s thriving.

What is Jillian Michaels net worth?

Jillian Michaels Net Worth and Salary: Jillian Michaels is an American personal trainer, reality show personality, talk show presenter, and entrepreneur who has a net worth of $18 million . Jillian Michaels is perhaps best known for her appearances on The Biggest Loser and other television shows.

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